Dennis Kelly

Is a leading water treatment professional who has had in excess 35 years experience in dealing with all aspects of Legionella related issues in industrial and institutional market places in many countries across the globe.

This wealth of experience and expertise is now available through Pro Lp Consulting Ltd. For a number of years Mr Kelly had responsibility for the European water hygiene operation of the world’s largest water treatment company.

This role covered the operation of Legionella specialists in various countries including the UK, France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Germany and Italy as well as technically supporting operations in Turkey, Poland, the Middle East and the USA.

Mr Kelly has advised many companies and organisations including government institutions, healthcare premises, food and beverage companies, facility management companies, manufacturers and commercial organisations.

This role has included not only advising on steps that were needed to resolve Legionella situations, but also involved dealing directly with the authorities such as the Health and Safety Executive, Environmental Health officers and local health authorities on behalf of end user customers and supplier companies.