Gilberto Natalini

Gilberto Tanos Natalini, physician and town councilor, initiated his political career in 1970, as a student, when participated in student actions for the democratic freedom in the country. He acted as Municipal Health Secretary of Diadema (1997/2000) and São Lourenço da Serra (2000).

Elected as town councilor at the city of São Paulo for the first time in 2000, he is now in the fourth term. He was Secretary of Participation and Partnership in the city of São Paulo (2005/2006).

He is the creator and organizer of the Conference of Cleaner Production and Climate Changes of the City of São Paulo, since 2002, an event that brought together more than 4,500 participants in 2013.

Attending social movements since 1975, he founded and chaired the Association of Public Health. General Surgeon graduated by Escola Paulista de Medicina in 1975, he is a member of the Health Committee at the Chamber. Expert in Gastro surgery, he
serves for free at the Medical Clinic of the Social Center of Bom Jesus do Cangaíba, since 1976, together with two other doctors and friends.